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NDC ServoLab Preferred To OEM Yet Another Time

(JANUARY 2012)

A major automotive spring manufacturer had a one of their automatic coiling machine stop during the middle of a major production schedule. Their maintenance department found the fault to be one of the axis motors (an ABB 8C441500V002SG3MB Servo Motor) which had overheated.

The management decided to call the OEM right away who informed them that these motors were no longer manufactured and neither could they provide them with a repair service as these motors were also no longer supported.

The only option the OEM could suggest was to retrofit an updated version of the motor but that would mean a lot of alterations to the machine and also a lot of downtime.

With the year-end round the corner and the pressure to deliver the end product increasing every minute the management team decided to send the motor to our ServoLab facility.

On arrival at NDCís ServoLab, the motor was dismantled immediately and the motor windings were found to be burnt and the resolver was found to be damaged due to the excessive heat. The stator was then handed over to our rewind department to be rewound right away. The resolver and the motor bearings were in stock. While the stator was being rewound all the other parts of the motor were cleaned and tested as per OEM standards. After the stator was rewound, the motor was assembled as per OEM specifications and handed over to our testing team.

On completion of the successful testing of the motor, it was then despatched back to site, re-fitted and the machine re-commissioned within 48 hours of it arriving at our Servolab facility. Maintenance engineers confirmed the repair met OEM standards and the coiling machine was immediately handed over to the production team.

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