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Rapid And Cost - Effective Repair Returns Injection Moulding Robot To Production

B & R Servo Motor Repair

(JUNE 2012)

A major supplier of injection moulded components to the automotive industry recently had one of their de-moulding robots fail on a critical line. With the prospect of incurring costly downtime a real issue, the maintenance team were called in right way and established that one of the robot\'s 6 pole B&R Synchronous Servo Motors (Type 8MSA4L.E0-68) had developed an encoder fault.

The Robot OEM subsequently advised the Maintenance Manager that they had two options to return the robot to service:

(I) They could either buy a new motor - which would be on a lead time of 4 weeks, or

(ii) they could send the motor into the OEM\'s overseas repair department with a 2-3 week estimated turnaround time.

Both of these options implied a considerable and unacceptable loss of production at the plant which had a large order to fulfil the Manufacturing Director insisted that the maintenance team needed to find a better solution. It was at this point that NDC\'s ServoLab facility was contacted following a trade recommendation. The motor was collected by NDC that same day and immediately subject to diagnostic testing which confirmed that the motor\'s encoder was faulty. We then contacted the encoder manufacturer and secured a next day delivery from their German HQ. ServoLab Engineers then fully dismantled the motor and all of the parts were carefully cleaned and tested. Finally the motor was fitted with new high quality bearings and seals to complete the overhaul. The encoder arrived the following day as scheduled, and was programmed in-house to match the motor specifications, the motor was then aligned and assembled in accordance with the OEM\'s specification.

Following extensive function testing at ServoLab, the motor was despatched back to site for commissioning by the manufacturer.

On arrival the maintenance team installed the motor on the machine and conducted various installation checks and tests. They confirmed that all test results were satisfactory and the robot was then put back into production. The whole process from making the initial enquiry to production being resumed, took just under 48 hours - beating the OEM by some distance.

NDC can support fast, reliable and cost-effective turnarounds right here in the UK. Don\'t hesitate to contact us with any Inverter Drive, Servo Drive or Servo Motor repair or testing enquiry.

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