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Driving Forward Best Practice – TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST

(AUGUST 2012)

NDC Ltd has been championing best practice for the repair and overhaul of Servo Drives and Servo Motors since the early 1990’s. We have a four stage manufacturing process which looks to ensure that the end result has the integrity to match OEM levels of performance and endurance, on all repairs.




Using our knowledge base and test equipment which has evolved over the last 20 years, we TEST all equipment on arrival. This we do to ensure that we fully understand all of the faults / fault codes, no matter how complex. We never take at face value the faults reported and look to go back to first principles ensuring we have covered all of the relative causes.




Following the identification of all of the faults found, we DIAGNOSE the root cause of the failure. At this stage we also identify all of the components that require replacement, entering these onto the job folder, in our bespoke manufacturing software. Utmost in our procedures is to ensure that all of the components identified are sourced and replaced, ensuring that nothing will compromise the final repair/overhaul.




By ensuring that all of our engineers are taught best practice, from day one, within our two REPAIR shops, we can ensure that all, servo drives & servo motors are repaired / overhauled to our exacting standards, giving as good as/or better levels of repair and overhaul, than the OEM.




All jobs no matter how small are scheduled through final TEST, which is carried out to the manufacturers specifications or better. We use purpose built test rigs,
which have been developed over the last 20 years. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that when the repair is returned to the customer, it works first time, every time.
This is backed up by a full 12 month (no quibble) warranty.

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