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NDC Prove OEM's ‘Beyond Repair Analysis’ Incorrect

(OCTOBER 2011)

A major processed food manufacturer had one of their critical machines go down due to the failure of the slicer motor (a Control Techniques 95DSB300US). The motor was very badly damaged and engineers at the processing plant decided to send the motor back to the OEM for evaluation.

The view of the OEM was that the motor was beyond repair and advised that their only option was to purchase a new motor on a lead time of 10 weeks. Since the lead time of 10 weeks was unacceptable to the food processor they decided to contact NDCís ServoLab to see if we could help in any way.rnThe motor was inspected on its arrival at ServoLab, and the windings were found to be burnt out and the front bearing housing found to be badly corroded. The motor was then dismantled and the stator passed on to our winding department for rewinding. The front bearing housing was then handed over to our in-house machinist who drew up the housing and started the process of re-manufacturing it. Whilst these two processes were in progress, our engineers cleaned and tested the other parts of the motor including the feedback unit. The motor after being rewound was assembled with the new bearing housing, new bearings and seals. The motor was then aligned and assembled as per OEM specifications. The motor was then passed on to our test facility where it was subjected to various load tests. The results were analysed and recorded. The motor was then prepped and painted and despatched back to the food plant. Their engineers re-fitted the motor, re-commissioned the machine and confirmed the repair met OEM standards. The machine was immediately handed back to the production team.

It just goes to prove that you canít always trust the view of an OEM. Here at NDC we are always happy to collect and evaluate any unit free of charge for that second opinion.

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