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Engineering Update: Fanuc Alpha I Series AC Servo Motor, Spindle Motor & Amplifier

Fanuc Alpha

(APRIL 2011)

NDC's R&D team have been busy finalizing the latest breakthroughs in the repair and testing of the new generation Fanuc Alpha i AC Servo Motor, Spindle Motor & Amplifier

Those within the machine tool and robotic industries will know that these devices are common within the sector, and will be pleased to know that NDC have worked hard to ensure that there is now a quick solution available on failure.

Following extensive Reverse Engineering and testing of the Spindle and Servo HRV Control Systems, NDC has finally established Test Diagnose Repair Test Procedures which enable us to offer the re-building, overhaul, repair, function and load testing of the Servo Motor, Spindle Motor and Servo Amplifier within our ServoLab and Electronics facilities.

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