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Food Manufacturing Automation - Weber Slicers & Elau Servo Motors

(JUNE 2015)

Whether it’s a case of retrofitting older-generation, inefficient motors with variable speed drives or purchasing the latest generation of robots that can work alongside humans…..almost every recent investment in automation equipment has energy-efficient and cost reducing reasons behind it” – Jonathan Wilkins - European Automation Marketing Manager



The UK food & drinks industry is switching on to the benefits of automation with the growing pressures of reducing costs ever present. This sector is known for having some of the most stringent manufacturing & control regulations in industry. The point is argued that the removal of personnel would reduce the risk of introducing contaminations & it would present the opportunity to run a factory at unfavourable conditions for the growth of pathogens, e.g. at very low temperatures.


Servo motors are used at every stage of food production, from heavy duty servomotors in weber slicers to smaller & highly accurate servo motors in Ashida weighing machines. No other industry is as broad & diverse as food manufacturing. But there’s one thing meat processors, confectioners, bakers, salad packagers, cheese makers & sugar refiners can all agree on - the unrelenting demand for product quality. ServoLab can provide diagnostic & repair services 24/7 to match production demands.


What a lot of people don’t realise about their servo motors is that there are different makes in different models of machines. For example, in weber slicers there are usually Elau (Schneider) servo motors. The name plate on the motor may have been rebranded with the Weber logo, but we at NDC ServoLab know it’s an Elau (Schneider) motor from the layout inside when it is taken apart.


With this knowledge & many years of experience working with such intricate units, NDC designed custom built test rigs which have helped us gain a 99.8% success rate on all repairs. It’s with this knowledge & confidence that we support all our servo motor & drive repairs with a 2 year warranty as standard.


This along with our highly skilled engineers available 24/7, free collection & delivery across the UK & Ireland, & free assessment & quotation with no obligation, NDC is here to keep your downtime at a minimum. Call us today on 0800 137 104 to arrange for a free collection & quotation.

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