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Servo Actuator Repair – Tolomatic GSWA-101



Automotive manufacturer requires urgent assistance after, one of their, welding robots on their main production line fails due to the malfunction of a servo actuator

The maintenance team of a major automotive manufacturer was called into action, following a failure of one of their welding robots. After accessing the welding robot they found the servo actuator of the welding robot had stopped functioning.


The maintenance team decided to call the OEM who informed them that the only option was to, purchase a new actuator which would take about 4-5 weeks. This answer was unacceptable to the manufacturer, who were losing several thousand pounds per day. It was at this point that they then decided to contact NDC to see if they could assist in any way.


The actuator was collected by NDC and taken to its ServoLab facility where it was tested (see ‘Best Practice’ article previously published) on its arrival; during this initial inspection test the feedback unit of the actuator was found to be faulty. Having identified the feedback unit, it was ordered directly from the manufacturer in Luxembourg, on an overnight delivery.


In the meantime, the actuator was dismantled and all the other parts of the actuator tested and parts ordered on urgent overnight delivery. The actuator was then assembled and kept ready for the arrival of the parts the next morning.


The feedback unit arrived the next morning as planned and the actuator was aligned as per the original manufacturer’s specifications and then tested extensively.


Following successful testing the actuator was sent back to the customer where it was fitted back on the welding robot; the robot was commissioned and handed over to the production team.


The repair of the actuator was achieved in a little over 24 hours which saved the manufacture an immense amount of downtime.

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