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NDC ServoLab Preferred To OEM In Minimizing Critical Downtime

(JULY 2011)

A major CNC parts manufacturer had one of their HAAS Milling Machines stop due to a Spindle failure. The in-house maintenance engineers found the cause of the fault to be the main spindle (a HAAS 30-5911-W)

Their engineer was quickly on the phone to the OEM who gave them two options; to purchase a new spindle with a delivery of around 2-3 weeks, or to get the existing one refurbished with a turnaround time of 4-5 weeks. Neither option was deemed satisfactory as both implied continued downtime and loss of production. At this point the manufacturer elected to have the unit collected by our ServoLab facility. On arrival at NDCís ServoLab the spindle was dismantled immediately and the bearings found to be seized. New bearings were ordered and following their arrival the spindle was re-assembled as per OEM specs and the assembly subject to the balancing process. Our Test Engineers then loaded the spindle to the rated load and raised the speed slowly from a very low speed to the rated speed so that the bearings were bedded in evenly. Following exhaustive testing the Spindle was then despatched back to site, re-fitted and the machine re-commissioned. Maintenance engineers confirmed the repair met OEM standards and the milling machine was immediately handed over to the production team. NDC delivers high quality repairs to OEM standards but without the long lead times, and at prices as low as 18% of the replacement cost.

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