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Handtmann Servo Motors & Controllers Repair Service Goes Worldwide

(MARCH 2012)

One of the major sausage manufacturers in Italy had one of their Handtmann Vacuum Fillers fail due to the seizure of the Servo Motor (Handtmann M406D-0101-001 Motor). This seizure resulted in the failure of the controller (Handtmann ACS40).

The manufacturer then decided to look out for the options that he had other than calling in the OEM. He found the controller in our repair register on our website and decided to call us. NDC collected the motor and the controller and it was flown into the UK using our preferred courier FedEx. The motor and the controller were assessed to our ‘Test, Diagnose, Repair, Test’ procedure on arrival at our ServoLab Facility. The rotor magnets had broken off, causing the motor to seize. In addition to this, the power stage on the controller was found to be damaged.

Our servo motor division ‘ServoLab’ took on the repair of the motor by replacing the rotor and all other worn parts of the motor. The controller which was handed over to our Electronics division was also repaired while the motor was being repaired. The power transistors on the controller were replaced along with a few other components that were damaged. The motor and the controller on repair were tested individually on our test rig. The motor and controller then were tested as a pair under load.

After the successful testing of the motor and the controller they were packed and sent back to the manufacturer. Upon arrival the motor and the controller were refitted to the machine and the production was underway right away.

The whole repair process, including the collection and the delivery of the units was completed in 96 hours.

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