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Hospital Motor Discharged Following Emergency Call.

(MAY 2016)


NDC's dedicated MRL Motor Division were recently contacted by the lift maintenance contractor at a large hospital following their inspection of an EcoDisc MX20 motor. The motor was showing faults and the lift was subsequently switched off, causing an inevitable interruption to hospital services.


Given the criticality of the contract and its location, the lift company were keen to explore all solutions in terms of a repair or replacement of the motor. Having assessed the option to replace the unit from the motor OEM, the lift contractor sought outline repair cost and time-scale information from NDC, and after due consideration resolved to progress the repair - taking the view that this represented a better value package and ensured a quicker return to service

The motor was removed and collected by NDC for assessment at our Service Centre within hours. Our engineers then then ran exhaustive diagnostic tests on the unit before fully dismantling it for a detailed mechanical inspection.

Having identified all the faults and the components that needed to be replaced, the motor was then completely overhauled, rebuilt and functionally tested before being despatched back to site for re commissioning by the lift company.

The project was completed within budget, on time and to the satisfaction of all parties.


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