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Investments Drive Up Repair Reliability Again

(MAY 2013)

During 2012 NDC undertook a number of Research and Development investments into Quality and Diagnostic Tools, Reverse Engineering Programmes, Test —- Diagnose - Repair– Test Routines and Function Testing Capability.

These investments were made at both our ServoLab Servo Motor Facility and our Drive and Electronics Centres at Manchester and Slough.

Our ServoLab Facility was first established in 2009 to provide a dedicated in-house resource for the repair, rewind, rebuilding and function testing of Servo Motors.  
NDC has since backed the facility with significant investment into specialist Servo Motor personnel, Diagnostic, Quality and Testing Plant and extensive Reverse Engineering Projects giving the facility a wide range of OEM set up and test capability.

Following these projects NDC has recorded an increase in reliability during the First Quarter of 2013 over the previous twelve months.

Our ServoLab Motor Division reported a 99.60% reliability rate (99.50% in 2012), whilst our Drives and Electronics Division recorded 99.70% (as opposed to 99.50 during 2012).

Commenting on the figures, NDC’s Managing Director David Griffin said “As a Company we direct our energy and our investments into improving the service we give to our customers and into continually improving the reliability of our repairs. These latest figures are a further pleasing development, but in this business we push on again”.

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