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Test System Rolled Out Nationally For The Kinetix 6000 Multi Axis Servo Drives And Integrated Motion Solution

Kinetix 6000

(APRIL 2011)

We were recently approached by a customer in the food and packaging industry to look into establishing a full in-house repair and function test facility to support these units.

Our customer elected to source this support from NDC as they required a reliable, cost-effective and quick turnaround on these units as they came off the plant faulty.  Their Engineering Manager commented “NDC were the preferred contractor on the basis of their work supporting other lines in our works. Additionally, we knew that they carried the expertise to partner us in the development of a repair and test system”.


The Drives were designed to work with ControlLogix and SoftLogix™ controllers as part of the Rockwell Automation Kinetix Integrated Motion solution on a packaging/ cartoning application.


Given that they use the SERCOS interface (A single Optical Fibre Cable for all power and control signals) as their mode of communication, the drive cannot be removed and tested on the bench without a significant amount of reverse engineering and development. Many independent repair companies have claimed to be able to test these units, but we know that in reality the most that has been done is to apply power to the unit after a repair attempt without the ability to actually simulate the running of the drive. This means that the unit is often returned to site and fails immediately.


At NDC we now have a fully integrated test system consisting of the ControlLogix System, Servo Motor and a specifically designed switching system to take care of the complex Sercos system. The service has now been rolled out nationally as NDC’s in-house technical knowledge management system allows us to take the findings of the R&D project and distribute the information through an IT platform to our other branches throughout theUK. We can then replicate the testing systems nationally.

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