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NDC Selected To Repair, Rebuild And Test KONE Ecodisc® Motor

(MAY 2014)

When residents in a city-centre apartment block recently reported that a lift had started to vibrate and make excessive noise, a lift maintenance company were called in to inspect the system.

They identified the cause of the problem to be the gearless permanent magnet motor (A KONE Ecodisc® MX06) which was providing the traction to the Monospace® lift. 

The building's Managing Agent elected to ask both the lift maintenance company and the OEM to quote for the removal, repair and the reinstallation of the motor. The lift maintenance company immediately contacted NDC's ServoLab facility mindful that NDC have the expertise and capacity to repair, re-build and test these motors within a responsive turnaround window.

After receiving the quotations and the respective turnarounds from the OEM and the lift maintenance company, the Managing Agent decided to give the job to the lift maintenance company as this option represented better value for money for residents and would see the lift return to service sooner.
On arrival at NDC's ServoLab the motor was dismantled immediately and subject to an electrical and mechanical assessment by our motor team. The motor's bearings were found to be seized, so new bearings were ordered right away and all the other motor components were tested and cleaned. The bearing housing was then machined and repaired and the motor fitted with the new bearings - which had arrived within 24 hours of our order. The motor was then re-built to OEM specifications and handed over to our test engineers for function and load testing.
All our Ecodisc® motor repairs are fully load tested post-repair on the drive system for which they were intended, the MX06 was therefore extensively tested on our V3F lift system before being despatched back to site for re installation and system commissioning.

The entire process including the removal of the motor from site, it's repair, rebuilding, testing and reinstallation were completed within 3 days - and at a price significantly less than that quoted by the OEM.

NDC are able to support the following KONE Ecodisc® variants; MX05, MX06, MX10, MX20 and all GMX variants.

NDC's MRL Motor repairs all carry a 2 year warranty as standard.  Additionally, we are able to remove the motor from site and reinstall and re-rope it if necessary. Contact our Motor Team for further information

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