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Lenze ECS Series – Motion Controllers In The Meat & Cheese Slicing Industry


NDC have long been established in the Food Industry, especially the, Meat & Cheese sector, supplying solutions for a wide range of products. Our understanding and knowledge of the products that drives and controls the slicing equipment, is seen as the key and we are continually assessing the products. 

The latest products to undergo our rigorous, reverse engineering techniques, TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST are the Lenze  ECS Series – Servo Control System, found on several machines within the Marel range of slicer


The R & D department have been tasked to bring the old procedures up to the latest, TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST, specifications, for these products, ensuring that you the customer can be satisfied that when these units have been repaired they will conform in every way as efficiently and economically as their first design. That work has now been completed.


We have test facilities at our Service Centre, which can test the Lenze  ECS Series Servo Control System. In addition to the controllers we also have the facility to repair and overhaul the associated,  MCS Servo Motors. Testing is carried to manufacturer’s specifications or better to replicate in service conditions.


Rigorous TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST specifications are ensuring that on return to your machine, you can rest assured that the equipment meets or betters our 99.2% reliability standard.


Lenze  Products supported:


EVS 9000 series – Servo Inverters

ECS series – Servo System

MDS/F series – Servo Motors

MCS series  - Servo Motors

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