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MOOG MSD - Motion Control In Extrusion Blow Moulding

(JANUARY 2013)

Northern Drives and Controls Ltd. R & D department have finalised the latest breakthrough in the repair and overhaul on the MOOG, MSD range of Multi Axis motion controllers

There are several areas within an extrusion blow moulding machine, where servo drives and motors are employed, ie Extrusion, Blow Pin &  Parison control. You will be pleased to know that NDC are working hard to ensure that there is now a solution when a failure occurs. The latest being the MOOG, MSD Series – multi axis programmable motion controllers.  We also support equipment from, Parker, Siemens, Gefran, Beckoff, Yuken, Barber & Colman and Seitlur Systems.


We have seen a substantial increase in the amount of customers requesting support, on their equipment. By expecting, reductions in down time, cost and increased reliability, the plastics industry are no different to any other industry in turning to Northern Drives & Controls, for support.


Our ‘TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST’ procedures ensures that whenever we see an unfamiliar servo motor or servo drive, we can immediately invest the time and resource to research and develop a standard of repair that is as good as or even better than the OEM. You can also rest assured that all parts used are the same as the OEM or better. 


Based around our repair industry experience we can also offer 3 levels of service; Standard, Urgent and Rapid, allowing you the customer to make the decision, within your budget constraints.

At NDC the Plastics & Rubber sector is seen as a major growth area within our business, especially as customers look to make savings on time and cost of repairs, as well as improving reliability and efficiency. A significant amount of resource has been applied to this and other projects and our ‘TEST-DIAGNOSE-REPAIR-TEST’ procedures. It is fundamental to our philosophy that we invest this time and effort, to ensure we do not undermine our reliability and quality.


MOOG Equipment Supported

MSD Series – Modular Multi Axis Programmable Motion Control Servo Drives

DS 2000 Series – High Performance Single Axis Servo Drives

DS2000XP Series - Motion Control Servo Drives

DS2100 Series – High Performance Single Axis Servo Drives

Fastact G400 Series – AC Servo Motors

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