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MOOG Drive And Motor Support For The Plastics Industry

(JANUARY 2012)

Following extensive reverse engineering, modelling and testing of the MOOG servo system, NDC has captured the circuits, parts lists, schematics and set up / test data necessary to produce in house Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test Procedures for the MOOG MD Servo Motor and MSD Servo Drive, devices widely utilised by OEMs in the manufacture of electric plastic injection moulding machines.

The completion of this project enables us to undertake the re-building, overhaul, repair, function and load testing of the motor and drive within our ServoLab and Electronics facilities.

NDC's investment into dynamic reverse engineering processes means that we are a reliable, technically proficient and cost-effective repair partner. We can now turnaround the repair and test of the MOOG servo system within our standard, urgent or rapid services. Additionally, the repair attracts our standard one year warranty.

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