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NDC Repair In Record Time


A major aerospace parts manufacturer had to stop one of their machines in their production cycle as the spindle motor (Fanuc A06B-0859-B100#3000 Spindle Motor) started making an excessive noise. An expected 12 week turnaround from the OEM was jeopardizing performance. NDC was called into action. Read more to check how We were able to help. 

The maintenance manager of the company called their machine manufacturer, who advised them that they could supply a new spindle motor in 12 weeks or they could it repaired in a week. Due to the massive loss of production that was being caused due to this failure, the maintenance manager decided to call a few independent repairers to check what his options were. After speaking to a few repairers, he decided to send the motor to NDC. He felt confident about NDC’s repair process after the conversation he had with us.

NDC had the spindle motor collected from site within an hour of receiving the call. On arrival at the ServoLab Facility, the motor was dismantled which showed that the motor bearings were worn beyond an acceptable leave which was causing the excessive noise. The work was then started on the motor. All the parts were cleaned and tested. The brand new specified high speed spindle bearings were fitted on the motor that NDC carried in stock. The motor was then assembled to OEM specifications and handed over to our test department where our test engineers put the motor on test while subjected it to a variable load. Once the test engineers were happy with the results, the motor was sent back to the aerospace manufacturer where the motor was installed in the machine. Once the motor was installed by the maintenance engineers, the machine was put back in production.

The entire process of the removal of the motor to the reinstallation of the motor took just over 24 hours, which was a record as per the machine manufacturer. Again NDC proved to be a reliable alternative to the OEM.

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