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Trick Or Treat: NDC Servolab Ensures The Smiles On Children's Faces

(OCTOBER 2013)

Anyone in an Engineering Department, even the most experienced Engineers, always feel a chill down their spine when they get THE call: “We have a problem. You need to get here ASAP.” When the problem affects a machine that’s a major part of the production line, and it’s a direct threat to the company’s performance, that chill gets worse. But you can only imagine the alarm when that machine is being used to manufacture sweet buckets which were being prepared for Halloween. This in when, in your mind, you go beyond the intense calls from Production Managers, to the sad look on kids’ faces on such a major holiday. That’s when the scary music in the background starts.

A major plastic container manufacturer recently had one of their extrusion machines fail. Jeopardizing the entire Halloween Operation, their Maintenance, called upon the breakdown scary scenario, after assessing the machine, found the guilty servo motor (a Stober ED503UMFM140) to be the cause of the failure. The facility manager of the plant contacted the OEM on the spot who informed him that the options they had would be to send the motor back to the OEM for repairs which would take about 2-3 weeks or order a new motor which would take about 3 weeks to be delivered to them. As these options were not acceptable to the company, the manager decided to call NDC.

Operation “Halloween”:  The motor was collected within the hour by our dedicated same day courier service and was taken straight to our ServoLab Facility. The motor on arrival at NDC ServoLab was handed to our team of expert engineers who assessed the motor right away and found that the brake assembly on the motor had seized due to the wear and tear which also caused the damage on the encoder disk. The brake and encoder manufacturers were then contacted and the new parts were ordered. While the engineers were waiting for the parts to be delivered, they tested all the other parts of the motor which were refurbished. The parts arrived early next morning and the motor was assembled as per OEM specifications. The encoder was then programmed with the motor data. The motor was then assembled with the encoder setup as per the programmed data. The motor was then passed on to the test engineers who run the motor with no load with a Stober Posidrive. The results were noted and then the motor was subject to load. When the engineers were satisfied with all the results and that they were within the motor specifications, the motor was prepped, sprayed and dispatched back to the customer. On arrival on the customer’s site the motor was installed on the machine and the machine was put back into production right away. The scary music stopped.


Hence the 3 week repair or replace option provided by the OEM was achieved by NDC ServoLab in 48 hours and the order for Halloween was resumed so that kids could have enough treat buckets for Halloween. Operation succeeded. Again.

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