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Decisive Action Returns Plastics Plant To Production

(AUGUST 2012)

A major plastic containers manufacturer had one of their automatic labelling machines stop during the middle of a major production schedule.

Their maintenance department found the fault to be one of the main roller motors (a Parker Eurotherm AC MN 0150-4/1-3-GW Servo Motor) which had overheated.The Maintenance Manager called the machine manufacturer who informed him that these labelling machines had been phased out and were no longer supported. The motor OEM was also contacted, who advised that the motor was obsolete. Plant maintenance then contacted NDCs ServoLab to establish what support was available.

We collected the motor from site within an hour of receiving the call. On arrival the motor was dismantled and the magnetic rotor found to be broken.

The rotor was tasked to our in-house machinists for re-manufacturing and all of the other motor parts were thoroughly tested.NDCs Electronics Engineers received the re-manufactured rotor within 24 hours, and the motor was then assembled to the OEMs specification.Following re-assembly and extensive load and function testing at ServoLab, the motor was despatched back to the plastics manufacturer where it was fitted to the machine and commissioned. Once their maintenance team were satisfied with the repair standard, the machine was handed back to factory personnel to re-commence production.

The whole process from collecting the unit, to production being resumed at the plant was achieved within 48 hours - which left the manufacturer very pleased and in no doubt that NDC has the capability and capacity to support all their drive and servo motor repairs going forward.

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