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Preventative Maintenance This Summer: It's No Sweat!

(MAY 17, 2015)

Summer is on the way bringing with it the promise of fine weather and rising temperatures. Great news for all of us
- but will it be such good news for your elevator drives?


Our experience in previous Summers has shown us that certain drives do not respond too well to the increase in temperature, of
note here are those based on Omron / Yaskawa chassis’ such as the Omron 3G3FV, Yaskawa Varispeed 616G5 and
Orona V3F ranges.

We tend to see a marked increase in the failure rate of these drives during the Summer - which we believe to be a combination
of several heat-based issues.

On older drives for example, the fans - which are a mechanical device and thus subject to normal wear and tear - can fail due to
a higher cooling demand in the Summer.

The reduced cooling effect of this can consequently accelerate ageing of the electrolytic capacitors. In this instance causing the electrolyte to dry out ,and the capacitors to lose their capacitance. Science lesson over!

The net result of this can cause failures in other areas of the drive because they aren’t regulating and smoothing the supplies correctly. Often the failures happen
in the power output stages which are the most costly areas to repair.

So why not consider avoiding some of these potential problems by having the drives serviced by NDC?

Our refurbishment routine includes replacing fans, electrolytic capacitors and other components which degrade with age. If this was planned into your routine
maintenance schedule this could improve reliability and save on more costly and time consuming repairs which may be just around the corner.


NDC are happy to quote for this service so that you can relax and enjoy the weather, safe in the knowledge that your drives are ready for anything that the elements
can throw at them.

Call free phone 0800 137104 to discuss this Summer's preventative maintenance options - it's no sweat, really!


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