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Programming Of Digital Encoders For Rexroth MSK & MHD Servo Motors

(OCTOBER 2011)

NDC ServoLab's dedicated R&D motor team have been busy finalizing the latest breakthroughs in the programming and testing of Rexroth Servo Motors in our laboratories.

Engineers within the food and packaging industries will know that these motors are common within the sector, and will be pleased to know that NDC have worked hard to ensure that there is now a repair solution available when a failure occurs. ServoLabís R&D Engineering Manager outlines the problem. "These motors use a digital encoder which carries an eeprom containing motor data that enables these motors to run within the Rexroth system. If this data is programmed incorrectly the motor will not function in the correct way which results in damage to the servo systemĒ. Following ServoLabís reverse engineering of these motors and the associated Rexroth Indradyn drives, the R&D team has now successfully programmed Rexroth MSK & MHD servo motors. A significant amount of resources have been applied to this project and our dedicated ServoLab motor service centre now has a fully integrated facility to repair, test and programme Rexroth Servo Motors, Encoders and Indradyn Drives.

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