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NDC Save Meat Processors Bacon!!

(JUNE 2013)

NDC  have added the Control Techniques DBE140 Servo Drive and its associated 142DSD301US ac Servo Motor to its Repairs Register.

These drives are used predominantly within the food industry on such machines as the AEW Thurne – IBS2000 range of meat slicers.  Control board failures are not uncommon due to the harsh environment which they operate within. Catastrophic failures can and do occur.

NDC’s decision to ‘Reverse Engineer’ the drive is a process where the drive is re-engineered to understand the design and components used sufficiently to enable NDC to build a test rig in order to satisfy our ‘Test - Diagnose - Repair -Test’ philosophy.  What does this mean?  It means that on arrival at our Labs the faulty drive can be tested against known data.  From this test the faults can be diagnosed, the repair effected and finally tested to ensure that the drive is functional before despatch.

NDC’s ServoLab also has the capability to overhaul the associated motors including the software set up of the feedback device.

This procedure allows NDC to offer a complete service of the drive and motor and to match the reliability of the Original Equipment Manufacturers while offering significant benefits of a quick turnaround and reduced prices.

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