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Yaskawa Sigma II Series Servo Motors & Drives

(JULY 2013)

NDC's dedicated R & D team have been busy finalizing the latest breakthroughs in the programming and testing of, Serial Encoders on Yaskawa Sigma II Series Servo Motor.

The Yaskawa Sigma II Series Servo Drives & Motors ( SGMAH, SGMGH, SGMPH, SGMDH, SGDM and many more ) are used widely in the Packaging, Machine Tool, Robotic, Wood Working Industries and many more. Engineers all over the world who come across these servo motors and drives will be pleased to know that NDC have worked hard to ensure that there is now an alternative to the OEM, for repair when a failure occurs.

   NDC's R & D Engineering Manager outlines the problem: "These motors use serial data encoders with different binary systems.  The encoders have a couple of serial data lines on each encoder which provide a string of information to and from the controller system continually. This information not only contains information about the positioning of the encoder system but also contains the status of the controller system at any given time. After extensive Reverse Engineering of the Sigma II series servo motors and drives, the R & D team has now successfully programmed these serial encoders. At NDC we now also have a fully integrated test system, which is the only one in the world outside Yaskawa Europe to test the Yaskawa Sigma II Series Servo Motors & Drives.

    A significant amount of resources have been applied to this project and allied to our Test-Diagnose-Repair-Test Solution, we now have the capability to successfully program and fully test these motors. 

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