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Engineering Update: Weber Servo Control System

(JULY 2011)

NDC's ServoLab facility has recently completed a Reverse Engineering Project to establish Test - Diagnose - Repair - Test Procedures for Weber’s DSG Servo Motor, WUM Servo Amplifier and WUG Power Supply Unit.

Widely used in the food industry industry, these modules are integral to the Weber Servo Control System incorporated into Weber’s slicing, skinning and derinding machines. The challenge for our R&D Team was modelling the highly complex and unique feedback technologies utilised by the system which ensures the smooth and accurate operation of these machines at blade speeds of up to 2000 rpm.Following extensive reverse engineering, modelling and testing of the Servo System, NDC has finally established Test – Diagnose – Repair – Test Procedures which enable us to offer the re-building, overhaul, repair, function and load testing of the DSG Servo Motor, WUM Servo Amplifier and WUG Power Supply Unit within our ServoLab and Electronics facilities. If you’ve had difficulty sourcing a reliable and cost-effective repair solution for these units contact your local NDC Service Centre for further information.

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