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Yaskawa Sigma Series Servo Drives & Motors


NDC have long been established in the Food Industry supplying solutions for a wide range of products. Our understanding and knowledge of the products that drives and controls the food industry equipment is seen as the key and we are continually assessing the products. NDC's dedicated R & D team have been busy finalizing the latest breakthroughs in the programming and testing of Serial Encoders on Yaskawa Servo Motors used in Marel Food Slicers & Processors.

No other industry is as broad and diverse as food manufacturing. But there’s one thing meat processors and bakers, confectioners and salad packagers, sugar refiners and cheese makers can all agree on. That’s the unrelenting demand for product quality. When people will be consuming your products, only the best will do.


The Yaskawa Sigma Series Servo Drives & Motors used widely in the Marel Food Slicers and Processors. The people all over the world who come across these servo motors and drives be pleased to know that NDC have worked hard to ensure that there is now a solution when a failure occurs.


NDC's R & D Engineering Manager outlines the problem: "These motors use serial data encoders with a very complex data communication system. These data signals not only are used to control the individual motors and drives on the machine but also to communicate between the other drives and motors on the same machine. This system is based on the RS422 protocol that also carries information about the status of the machine at any given point and hence is used to troubleshoot faults in case they occur”. After extensive Reverse Engineering of the Sigma series servo motors and drives, the R & D team now has successfully programmed these serial encoders. At NDC we now also have a fully integrated test system to test the Yaskawa Sigma Series Servo Motors & Drives.

    A significant amount of resources have been applied to this project and allied to our Test-Diagnose-Repair-Test Solution, we now have the capability to successfully program and test these Servo drives & motors.


That’s why you’ll find Yaskawa among our 2,045 manufacturers list in our Repair Register Database.


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